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Hello Everyone! This post is really too big for Twitter, and the news itself deserves more than a Facebook post, so here I go!

The Goodnight Memorial Library is proud to announce three new digital services for its patrons: Universal Class, OneClick Digital, and Zinio Magazines. Each service offers something new and/or improved, and greatly increases the usefulness of the Library for all.

We'll start with Universal Class. This service offers you the opportunity to further your education or increase your professional skills, free of charge. There are over 500 classes available to you, in subjects like foreign languages, personal finance, business, health services training and much, much more!   Most of the classes are uclass_mktbanner college 101-level, and do not require a high school diploma or GED to take. None of the classes are eligible for college credit or continuing education credit, but are meant to help someone learn a new subject or affordably increase professional development skills. A (very) few of the classes offered are history, algebra, business management, Chemistry 101, Spanish 101, Windows 7, Teaching Reiki, paranormal investigation 101, ESL, Cosmology, and many more. This service is intended to help you help yourself become a more rounded person. And who knows, it might just help you impress your boss enough for a promotion! You'll have to register with the site to set up an account, but all you really need is a library card in good standing to do so.

To get to this service, I always advise people to start with the e-resources page, www.gmpl.org/eresources. This page is the "jumping off" point for all our digital services, from KY Libraries Unbound to Worldbook Online to these great new services. Each one has its own graphic that you can click to go to the service.

The next service I'll talk about is the Zinio Magazines service. What Zinio brings to the table is free downloads of 50 of the most popular magazines out there*. Some of the magazines available are House Beautiful, Family Circle, Popular Science, National Geographic, O (The Oprah Magazine), Men's Health, Woman's Day and more.
The magazines are presented in a format that is friendly to all devices, looking great on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Most of the magazines feature interactive content, such as audio and video clips, that makes reading magazines so much more engaging than their print counterparts. (But, if you're more old-fashioned like me, you'd rather hold that printed paper in your hands.) To set up an account for this service, you must have a valid email address and a library card in good standing.

The last service I'm going tout as new and/or improved is OneClick Digital. We'd had a subscription to OneClick LY5130_OCd_HMPG-164x203-2 - blue squarebefore that wasn't used nearly as much as KY Libraries Unbound, probably because it was more geared towards younger readers. Since then, OneClick was bought out by another company and things changed. What we now have is over 4,000 more ebooks & audiobooks from authors such as Clive Cussler, Jeff Kinney, James Patterson, and other authors that are exclusive to the OneClick Digital platform. You'll need your library card number to set up an account with OneClick Digital, which you can accomplish by clicking the link in the top right of the screen.

The Goodnight Memorial Library is committed to providing the best services and programs we can find to our patrons. Since 1937, we have been promoting education and creative thinking through literature, audio and visual materials and programs for all ages, and these additions to our repertoire continue that mission by bringing your library even further into the digital age.

As with any programs, services or events, please call the library at (270) 586-8397, send us an email, or come on by 203 S Main St., Franklin, for more information or just to visit!

*50 best-selling magazines according to Zinio.


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