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Of all the times to become ill...

I had been feeling a bit under the weather last week, and on Wednesday or Thursday while playing Minecraft with my daughters I noticed I could hear my pulse in my right ear. "Great," I thought. "Hopefully it won't get any worse. I'll give it a day or two." Of course I didn't realize that a day or two would put me squarely into the weekend, and that I'd have to potentially suffer until Monday should the ear infection get worse.

The ear infection got a little worse, and also decided to spread into a sinus infection as well. So I went to the doctor on Monday, where I was diagnosed with a double ear & sinus infection! I got a shot and a prescription, hoping I could knock it out before October 26, when I hop on a plane for another conference on the West coast.

Which brings me to the KY Summer Reading Program Conference appearance I had yesterday. The infection in my head really grabbed a hold of me Monday night. I woke up with a bad sinus headache and the throbbing in my right ear. I called out Tuesday because I had a sum total of about 2 hours' sleep, and of course the headache & throbbing ear. I dearly hoped this would clear up by Saturday, because I don't even want to think about getting on that plane.

Wednesday, I got up as normal, having taken a NyQuil Nighttime dose before bed. I had a sinus headache, but not as intense as Tuesday's, and the ear wasn't throbbing. I took that as a good sign, started my day, took the girls to school, and set off for Louisville. Let me tell you: I have properly mapped and cataloged every minor elevation change between Franklin, KY and Louisville on I-65. The pressure in my head was pretty bad for a while.

The presentation wasn't too terribly bad. All the drainage made it difficult to breathe properly, and of course it affected my voice. Fortunately, it was a small room and I didn't have to be really loud. But, I did feel the strain in my throat.

I had a great time with the presentation, and the KY Science Center is a great location for a smaller conference/seminar. Additionally, the Center is a great place to take kids, because they get a chance to have fun while unintentionally learning scientific principles. My wife & I took our kids to the KY Science Center a couple of years ago, and they still talk about that experience and wonder when we can go back.

So I feel much better today, if not a bit tired, but all I can do is polish on my presentation for the Internet Librarian conference next week, and hope the plug in my head gets pulled in time to drain it clear. If you are going to Internet Librarian, I'll see you there. Don't be afraid to say hi!

Until then, I'm soldiering on...


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