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Library Conferences on the Horizon

Hello again! As the sixth anniversary of my library adventure approaches, I felt it was time to write another post. I haven't forgotten about this blog; I've just been quite busy. I've been working on a new website for the library, using Wordpress and Twitter Bootstrap so I can make our new site mobile-ready. With the proliferation of tablets, eReaders and smart phones, it would be a mistake to not make a new website that isn't friendly to these devices.

I've also been devoting a chunk of time to learning PHP (for Wordpress tweaking), Ruby and Ruby on Rails for a couple of projects I have in mind after the site is done. I'll be writing a couple of programs to make life easier on the staff and more informative for the patrons here at the Goodnight Memorial Library.

I will also be speaking at a couple of upcoming conferences next month. First off is a presentation on Getting Started in Home Brewing. I will be promoting the millenia-old art at the Kentucky Summer Reading Program Conference in Louisville on October 23rd at 1:30 EST. The conference will be held over the 23rd & 24th at the Kentucky Science Center in downtown Louisville, and promises to be a great couple of days for Kentucky's librarians to get some awesome ideas for Summer Reading programming! Summer Reading Programs aren't just for the kids, and I'm really looking forward to it.

The second conference at which I will be speaking is the Internet Librarian Conference in Monterey, California. This is a multi-day conference, spanning from pre-conference workshops on Sunday, October 27th through the closing keynote on Wednesday, October 30th, at which CIOs, IT Directors, and technology-oriented librarians learn all the newest and latest tech in the library world. Not only does this include network management, programming, eReaders and other gadgets, but it also informs all of us in the Library industry of the state of the craft and the future it holds. Public libraries aren't the only type of library represented here -- there are academic, Government, law, medical and other types of librarians in attendance.

I'll be co-presenting with a couple of IT Guybrarians from Southern Utah University on mobile apps, mobile and affordable payment systems for libraries, and network filtering with open source solutions. They'll mostly be talking about the mobile apps & license restrictions, and I'll do the payments and filtering. The last time I attended this conference (2010) I volunteered on a keynote panel when the scheduled panelist had to back out at the last minute. I was on the platform with Mike Ridley, the CIO & Chief Librarian of University of Guelph in Canada (now retired), and Donna Scheeder, Deputy CIO of the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress. It was a great time, and I really look forward to doing it again!


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