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Booking for Summer Reading Programs!

Hellooo again! Sometimes the craziness in this life can't be measured.

The Peerascope project I was involved with was unsuccessful, so I am still at the Library. This isn't a bad thing -- I learned a lot about working with a startup and became pretty decent with Adobe's Photoshop & Illustrator, which I use both here at the library and at home. The library has also started to evolve into its next incarnation. I am no longer the Technology Coordinator. I am now the IT Manager and Media Relations person, and the library itself is beginning to move towards the construction of a new facility with the renovation of the downstairs meeting room. This renovation was planned as part of the overall construction project, and we have the money to do it, so we're moving ahead with that part of the project. So, these are exciting times for our library!

It is March 6th as of this writing, which means the year is quickly going by! That also means that Summer is right around the corner, and Summer Reading programs will be in full swing in three months. Last Summer, and even in the Fall, I did a presentation on getting started in the Home Brewing hobby. It was a fun time for me, because I got to show others how it works and talk about beer! Last year's bookings included the Goodnight Library (home!), Grant County Public Library, Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library, and the civic organization Franklin Rotary Club

So far, I have been contacted by two libraries for this presentation for this year's Summer Reading Program. If your library or civic organization would like to know more about Home Brewing and how to get started in the hobby, please feel free to contact me soon! My email address is jim@gmpl.org, or you may call the Goodnight Library at (270) 586-8397.

I hope to see you this Summer!

'Til next time...


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