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Library Day In The Life, Round 8

Hello Again! This post is going to outline a day in my librarian-geek life, because I like the Library Day In The Life project started by Bobbi Newman. It shows that librarians are not necessarily the cardigan-wearing, bun-headed shushers of days gone by. We are a diverse group of individuals that come from all walks of life!

So today I:
6:00 am -- Hit the alarm button on the clock. Clock hits floor. Good.
6:05 am -- Put the skillet on the stove to preheat
6:06 am -- Started the coffeemaker. 
6:08 am -- Put sausage in the skillet.
6:09 am -- Say good morning to my wife!
6:10 am -- Daughters' alarm goes off, scares me awake. It's loud.
6:15 am -- Fix Fruit Loops & Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the girls.
6:17 am -- Finish fixing my breakfast of sausage & eggs from my chickens. I'm also a farmer-geek.
6:18 am -- Sit down to eat in front of my computer to catch up on email & forums.
6:30 am -- Yell at the girls to stop fighting & get ready for school.
6:45 am -- Watch weather.
6:53-ish am -- Take a shower to help the coffee wake me up.
Get ready for work
7:25-ish am -- Leave for schools and work.
8:00 am -- Arrive at work.
Turn on a few lights & all the computers.
Check my work emails & catch up on news.
8:30 am -- Go downstairs to empty the book drop and shelf books.
9:00 am -- Turn on the rest of the lights & open the front doors.
9:15 am -- Go back upstairs to finish news & emails.
9:45 am -- Catalog the latest movies.
12:00 pm -- Take a break from cataloging to go eat lunch with the AARP. I love these days, because it's good, old-fashioned home cooking!
12:30 pm -- Back upstairs to check emails, print a couple of HTML5 & CSS3 papers, and finish cataloging the movies -- only one left! I'm a librarian-geek.
12:40 pm -- Print the labels & take the movies downstairs.
12:45 pm -- Back upstairs. Boot tech services computer with a Linux live CD so I can use gparted to set up the hard drive for Windows 8 Developer's Preview install.
12:50 pm -- Start this blog post -- gparted takes a while on a large hard drive!
1:05 pm -- Restart the computer & load the Win8 DP disc. 
1:15 pm -- Computer restarts, and there is no option to boot into Windows XP. Uh oh.
1:15 pm -- Restart computer again, spamming the F8 key to see if I can get the option to pop up in the advanced startup menu. XP isn't there either. Face goes pale.
1:16 pm -- Turned to my good friend Google on another machine to see what I did wrong, or if there is a way to have XP show up in the Windows 8 bootloader. After some digging I find that there is, thankfully. Breathe a sigh of relief. Color returns to face.
1:30 pm -- Decided to load the 64-bit version of Windows 8 DP. It finishes installing right around...
2.15 pm -- CRAP!! I gotta get the stuff downstairs to set up for Games @ the Goodnight!!
3:00 pm -- Got the tables & chairs set up, the Xbox & Wii set up, and the popcorn machine set up. Gotta go back upstairs & set up an "emergency" station for our technology-averse outreach librarian. Left her a note.
3:15 pm -- The kids are starting to show up. Not too wild today (yet).
4:30 pm -- They've been quiet....too quiet.
4:45 pm -- Cleaning up.
5:00 pm -- Back in the office, checking email & setting the startup parameters to include Windows XP as a startup option. Go to Computer --> Advanced Settings --> Startup --> check the box to include earlier versions of Windows. Restart, and when the computer gets past the BIOS screen, you should have the option to boot into earlier versions of Windows.
5:25 pm -- After confirming things are working right in XP, time to shut down & go home! 

That's what my day was like today. Tomorrow will be little different, although I will probably write another post on my initial impressions of the Windows 8 Developers Preview.


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